Pets’ urine on carpets and materials on couches and chairs, require a unique solution with specific compounds with the urine to break it down and neutralise the same.
It must also have the qualities not to worsen the problem of odours in clammy circumstances and aggravate the situation or make it more unbearable.

Pets react with urine on hormonal conditions of female animals, dominance behaviour, marking their territory and also association.
Dogs’ smelling capabilities are millions of times stronger than the human sense of smell and also dominate various odours on carpets which humans cannot smell.
Cats often react to these odours in protest with loathing, unhappiness about intruders that encroach on their personal spaces.  

Apart from the cleaning abilities of the shampoo to remove stains and neutralise odours, the shampoo has also been developed to leave material an unpleasant
environment with the mix of specific alcohols which pets have an aversion to with their sensitive smelling capabilities. The shampoo has a pleasant, strong citrus smell,
a very low foaming action for safe use on all types of carpets and couches made of material as well as car seats.

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