The product has been specifically developed to remove the strong odours of the protein, hormonal discharges and acids in pets’ waste by binding to neutralise the odours. For safe use on all carpets and floor areas, in cars, on mattresses, blankets, in pets’ sleeping places and also places where unpleasant odours are present.

Available in two fragrances – Lavender and Reef


Sprinkle over the area and leave for 20-30 minutes, even 2-3 hours so the product can connect with and break down the liquid. Thereafter it can be brushed off or vacuumed to remove the material. Overnight will ensure the best results. Old and deeply concentrated areas should preferably be treated with one of the other products.


1. Non-flammable 2. Bio-degradable 3. Natural and safe to use 4. Soft operation on material and does not stain 5. Safe for handling by humans and pets

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