This product has been specifically developed to neutralise and remove marks and stains of general pets’ habits and origin. It breaks down the protein compounds of urine and other animal secretions as well as the fatty marks.

These marks require a more concentrated active with deep working odour neutraliser and is therefore different than the more general, well known and conventional products used to clean stains, fatty acids and other marks on stoves, walls, stove plates, baths, vinyl flooring, wash basins, tiles and showers.

It is an all-in-one multi-active product to clean areas as well as handling equipment used for animals, for example in pet parlours and household use. Will also soften ingrained marks of pet origin. Successfully removes oil stains, grass stains, urine stains on linen, chairs and couches and general ‘spot’ treatment where stains are left in fat/urine. Also removes general stains on clothing eg wine stains, chocolate, food on linen and all the other general household stains.

A very important aspect is that it eliminates various harmful bacteria and viruses and kills insects and also dissolves and breaks down the unfavourable fatty environment where these harmful organisms flourish.  

Best results when used in undiluted concentrated form.


1. Non flammable 2. Citrus aroma 3. Non corrosive 4. Bio-degradable 5. Spray bottle or sponge application

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