Anti-oxidant cream is a supportive balm that frees accumulated particles on the human skin. Normal make-up, through their character (oily, powder or water based substrates), accumulate microscopically every second of the day free radicals from polluted environments. Free radicals harmful to the skin comes from production areas, dust, factories, petro chemical production and burned fuel particles from highways, nicotine, etc. Those particles accumulate on a daily basis in various concentrations in oils and other make-up substrates applied onto the skin. In effect, what is to believe feeds and protects the skin, assist with the contamination of the skin and in effect, helps with the aging of the skin. Pierre@ D anti-oxidant balm, through its unique structure of skin healing oils and bioflavonoids, proanthocyanidins (Proanthocyanidins are present in the fruits, bark, leaves and seeds of many plants where they provide protection against predation), cleanse, ease and prepare skin cells, able them to repair with the Pierre@ D Colostrum balm healing abilities to enable cell DNA and skin telomere growth to ensure healthy skin growth and aging repair.

Hoe gebruik ek Antioksidant.
As n vel aan industriele omgewing blootgestel is het dit meer tyd nodig,
Anti-oksidant trek in 15 tot 20 min in afhangende van die ph van die vel,
elastisiteit van die vel, velverdikking en skade, en ook vullis in die vel
Party kan als in 5 min absorbeer omdat die vel instaat is en gesond genoeg is
Ouer velle het meer tyd nodig totat die telomere in die DNA gevestig het en herstel het om verjonging en elastisisteit mee te bring.
Bepaal hoe lank jou vel nodig het kan van 5 minute tot 20 miniute wees was daarna met  skoon water
en smeer dan die Colostrum Balm aan.


How do I use Antioxidant
If a skin is exposed to industrial environment, it takes more time,
Anti-oxidant penetrates in 15 to 20 minutes depending on the pH of the skin,
elasticity of the skin, skin thickening and damage, and also dirt in the skin
Some can absorb  in 5 min because the skin is capable and healthy enough.
Older skins need more time until the telomeres have established and repaired the DNA to bring rejuvenation and elasticity.
Determine how long your skin needs it could be from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, then wash with clean water
and apply the Colostrum Balm.


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